Tron will dominate the crypto gaming industry and enters new partnership

David Gokhshtein explains that TRON will dominate the gaming industry and no other block chain has the scalability and efficiency of TRON’s block chain.

The real estate company XRE Global will register its properties on the Tron block chain.

The Republican Party candidate David Gokhshtein declared that Tron will dominate the crypto gaming industry in the future. The tweet comes from a commentary by Misha Lederman, co-founder of, in connection with last year’s partnership with technology giant Samsung.


The Samsung-Tron collaboration will open up new opportunities for the entire crypto industry

Justin Sun revealed 2 months ago that Tron will be integrated into the Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK v1.2.0. This will enable Samsung’s keystore wallet to process transactions with TRX and 1 billion Samsung users will be able to access Tron-based dApps.

Justin Sun was recently interviewed by Forbes on the topic of “Samsung and TRON partnership is the beginning of a new era for the crypto industry. This interview was the focus of Lederman’s thoughts on what the future of Tron might look like in the years to come.

Lederman welcomed the news and commented that the collaboration between Samsung and Tron will open the door to new opportunities throughout the crypto industry:

“Games will be the gateway to the world of block chaining for 100 million new crypto users. If done right, most people won’t even know that the game they are playing runs on the block chain. No block chain has the scalability, funding, network and users like TRON has today.”


Tron partners with real estate company XRE Global

TRON’s newest partner is the real estate company XRE Global. The company announced that it will register its properties on the Tron blockchain. In addition, XRE says that the properties shown will be for sale and that they will accept their native XRE token and the TRX token as payment methods.

XRE Global is committed to improving the real estate transaction and business model. The company also announced on Twitter:

“The actual use case is here. We have found a real use case for our XREGLOBAL project The first house is here. The property is registered on the Tron blockchain, the first house registered on the platform.”

Tron has been able to establish many partnerships that have great potential to change the market forever. This includes, for example, the acquisition of the DLive streaming platform, which represents an uncensored and freer alternative to YouTube. Youtube caused a stir last year when the platform censored content related to crypto currencies. The cryptocommunity asked for a better alternative, and Tron could provide a worthwhile alternative with DLive.

The price of Tron is trading at $0.016 USD at time of writing, with losses of 4.03% in the last 24 hours.